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I’m David Bright, from the Penobscot County town of Dixmont, a long-time Democrat and a candidate for the Democratic National Committeeperson seat from Maine which will be voted on at the State Democratic Committee meeting on March 21, 2021. I’m writing to introduce myself and ask for your vote.

After a 36-year career in the daily newspaper industry (26 of them as a reporter and editor at the Bangor Daily News) I now work with my wife, Jean Hay Bright, on our small organic farm in Dixmont. I also serve as First Selectperson in the Town of Dixmont.

My first involvement in Democratic politics was putting a JFK bumper sticker on my bicycle when I was in the seventh grade. I have attended most every Maine State Democratic Convention since 1968, as well as three Democratic National Conventions, the first one in 1972, the last one in 2016. I’ve volunteered for, staffed, or managed legislative, gubernatorial, and Congressional campaigns in Maine and Massachusetts. I’ve managed a Secretary of State campaign in California. I’ve worked as a staffer in Presidential campaigns in Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Nevada, and California. Here in Maine I’ve served on town, county, and state Democratic Committees. I was elected a Presidential Elector from Maine in 2016 and 2020, serving as president of the Electoral College in Maine in 2020.

In the course of all this I’ve had ample opportunity to observe the culture, decisions, and actions of the Democratic National Committee, and its campaign arms, the DSCC and the DCCC. I believe there is need for change in all three groups if we are to uphold the core values of the Democratic Party, truly become the party of the working class, and open our tent wider to welcome in those who feel society has left them behind.

I strongly believe that during primary campaigns, the DNC should let the people decide who their nominee will be, and that party rules must be applied equally to all candidates. All candidates should have equal access to whatever resources the party chooses to allocate in a primary campaign and the party should go out of its way to assist ALL primary candidates equally. If politics is a game, primaries are the minor leagues, and it’s in the best interests of the team ownership (that’s all of us Democrats) to provide the best training and resources we can to see which players rise to the top, because those are the ones we want on the field during the playoffs.

There’s nothing wrong with the party recruiting candidates, but if a primary is contested then party officials must remain fair and neutral until the voters have nominated a candidate. Conversely, under a 50-state strategy, the DNC and its campaign arms should support the eventual nominee that the majority of the state’s Democrats supported going into the fall elections.

While the DNC establishes rules for delegate selection in Presidential election years, it should support states' autonomy when it comes to their caucuses and primaries. The party should not set arbitrary standards of money raised or early polling (which are always about name recognition, not issues or platform) to exclude candidates from national debates, nor should it change the debate rules in the middle of the game, as it did in 2020. The DNC and its staff should make every effort to support all primary candidates equally.

Many of the ads run by the DNC and others in the 2020 U.S. Senate campaign in Maine were not helpful at best and destructive at worst. I’d like to see the DNC open, and transparent, and dedicated to working FOR social and economic justice, and populist and progressive values. Elections should be about hope, not fear.

Finally, I’d like to see more national party support for local legislative races. While we always hear about the coattail effect of the major candidates, in my experience, it’s the local campaigns that bolster the national ones. Local candidates are the ones going door-to-door, and meeting voters in retail sessions. They can inspire good will that carries through to the major races.

I believe there is a lot that can be gained by having a DNC that understands the importance of local politics, while focusing less on the beltway. Voter suppression and gerrymandering happen at state houses, not at the Capitol. There are numerous Republican-sponsored voter suppression bills being introduced in state legislatures around the country. The DNC should be alerting people in each state about them. And, if these laws are enacted, the DNC should be actively working to support Democrats in the states, help them overcome hurdles to voting, and filing lawsuits if need be to fight this suppression.

I understand that as a new member of an organization with several hundred members I’ll not be able to make major changes on my own. But I will have a voice, be able to keep Maine Democrats informed on how the DNC is operating, and let Maine Democrats decide if they think we (me and the DNC) are meeting the mission they want met. My goal is to work with other like-minded DNC members to make the national party listen to, be more respectful of, and more responsive to, rank and file Democrats across the country. I will work for rules that are fair, inclusive, and transparent; and I will promote good and honest government through good and honest politics.

I would appreciate your support. Feel free to email me at david.bright@davidbright.us

Call me at 207-234-4226

Text me at 207-356-6062

Or contact me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/davidbright.us

Thank you.